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The UAE made the sale of vapes legal in February 2019 – but that doesn’t mean they can be smoked indiscriminately. Smoking an e-cigarette comes with the same restrictions as puffing on a traditional cigarette. Anyone found vaping or using an e-cigarette in unauthorized areas in Dubai will be hit with a fine of up to Dh2,000 (£420). Locations where vaping is banned include places of worship, schools, universities and shopping malls as well as health and pharmaceutical facilities, according to local news site The National. It’s also prohibited to smoke onboard vehicles transporting food, medicine, petrol and chemicals. 

E-cigarettes may be hazardous to health and contain nicotine which is addictive. e-cigarettes are not suitable for use by: persons under the age of 18; persons who are allergic/sensitive to nicotine; pregnant or breastfeeding women; persons who should avoid using tobacco or nicotine products for medical reasons; or persons with an unstable heart condition, severe hypertension or diabetes. Keep our products out of reach of children.